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(2/12/2012) Specialized SBCU Fit instructors work with the top cyclist

Every year Specialized SBCU Fit instructors work with the top cyclist in the world to prepare them for their year to come with BG Fit sessions at their team camps. This year, the team invited 3 Certified BG Fit Technicians to work with Team Specialized - lululemon. Allison Snooks, Jan Bolland Tanner and Jess Bratus have been certified by Dr. Andy Pruitt, the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine and Specialized to provide the highest level of bicycle fit service using the Body Geometry Fit method.

(2/12/2012) Katie Colclough appreciated having one person that could do it all, Jan Bolland Tanner

Katie Colclough appreciated having one person that could do it all - from physical assessment to bicycle fit. Specialized Certified BG Technician, Jan Bolland Tanner of Benidorm Bikes, was able to help Katie Colclough get rid of some discomfort in her right leg by taking her through the full BG Fit process: getting to know her goals, her anatomy and her fit, then making small adjustments and equipment changes to help her be comfortable on the bike and focus on winning.

(1/8/2011) Jan Fit's HTC Highroad Professional Men's and Women's cycling teams.

I had the amazing opportunity to join the SBCU (Specialized Bicycle Components University) staff in fitting all 37 of the Specialized HTC Highroads Professional Men's and Women's cycling team this past December.  For me, it was a completion of a circle.  Having experienced the benefits of proper bike fit as a professional racer, we were able to work with these elite athletes and understand their individual needs under the daily demands of professional racing. Specialized has enhanced the knowledge I have while becoming one of their Certified Master's BG FIT Technicians.  The process of BG FIT at Benidorm Bikes was the same process that was used while working with these riders. These were the pros that we read about!  We have been able to help improve their bike fits and help them understand how they will benefit.  I encourage you to review some of their testimonials and contact me with any questions you may have.  I am able and would love to help you get the most out of your riding.   Check out some of the videos Jan is always interested in helping riders achieve their individual goals.  Please contact her with any questions by e-mailing

(1/8/2011) HTC BG Fit Testimonials

(6/11/2010) Jan has achieved Master's BG Fit Technician

At Benidorm Bikes, we have committed to offering our customers the best Bike Fit experience. Jan is one of 20 people in the world to become a Specialized Certified Master’s BG Bike Fit Technician. Her extensive background in bike racing combined with her understanding of individual rider goals and various physical and structural constraints allow her to offer a very beneficial bike fit. Whether you are looking to have an improved performance position, to become more comfortable, or both, Jan is able and interested in helping you. Jan is a former US National Cycling Team member for both road and mountain biking. She earned several National Championships, Pan American Championships and a 1992 Gold Medal at the World Championships in Benidorm, Spain for the Women’s 50K Team Time Trial. 

Please refer to these informational links to learn more about BG Bike Fit and BG Fit Data offered at Benidorm Bikes.

Specialized White Paper / An outline of the BG Fit Process
BG Fit and You 

(6/10/2010) Body Geometry Advanced Data Fit System

We are now taking appointments for our new Body Geometry Advanced DATA Fit System! The BG DATA (Dual Angle Technical Analysis) System brings a greater level of analysis and accuracy to our already distinguished fitting services. The Advanced DATA System employs two video cameras and a proprietary software suite to record the rider in motion and help a trained fitter analyze their position under realistic efforts. The fitter applies rider-specific solutions based upon the individual’s unique goals, abilities, and physiology as a part of the BG Fit method, which is revolutionizing the profession of bike fitting. The BG method focuses on proper biomechanics, comfort, and efficiency while minimizing injury potential. The Advanced DATA System’s side and frontal profile analysis show the rider the changes in near real time. Proper rider positioning, knee tracking, back and neck profile and frontal area can all be analyzed with the DATA System. Now you don’t have to take the fitter’s word for it – you can see and feel the difference for yourself!

Jan Bolland Tanner is the Specialized Certified Masters BG Fit Technician and is always interested in helping you achieve your best bike fit.
E-mail to arrange for an appointment.

(6/9/2010) Body Geometry BG Fit Videos

Here are a few videos on the BG Fit System 

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