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A friend recommended I get a bike fit with Jan after hearing that I experienced a lot of pain and fatigue on my new road bike.  Jan was extremely thorough and adaptive, taking measurements multiple times on the same areas to ensure accuracy.  She assessed my flexibility and goals, and adjusted my bike and technique accordingly.  Before the fit, I felt constant pain in all three contact points, as well as joint fatigue and soreness after the ride.  Now I feel energized, strong and flexible, with marked strength increase in quads, hamstrings and lats.  I feel like I am all this is man.  

I highly recommend this to any road biker, because in addition to treating the specific issues I identified in our interview, Jan identified and treated linked issues that I was unaware of, preventing further injury and discomfort.  She was reasonable about which parts were necessary and which weren't, prioritizing what to do then and what to do later, should I want more micro-adjustments.

I wouldn't worry if you're just an entry level rider looking to simply improve technique and comfortability, because neither Jan or anyone at Benidorm has a bloated ego.  She does well at taking you on your own terms, so the more honest you are, the better results you get.  I'll definitely have Jan fit me on my next road bike, which I'll buy from her if she starts selling Treks.

Anthony Leong
I was looking for a very good bike fitter and I started to search online, I came across Jan Tanner.
I read a lot of great things about her and decide to drive 2hrs and 30 mins to her bike shop.  Jan is very good at what she does and knows her stuff and she use to be a Pro rider.  Jan never rushed me at all with the fitting, she spent over 3hrs with me and went through every detail to make sure everything was perfect.  I recently got my Pinarello Dogma 2 EPS SR and the fit is amazing and the ride is even better.  It's very hard finder a good bike fitter, but if you want one of the best, drive up to CT to visit Jan Tanner.  You won't be sorry.


I have been involved in cycling for the last couple of years and during the past summer I decided to take things more seriously and start racing.  This is why I had my bicycle professionally fitted.  The bike fitting process was thorough and took into account my body geometry and flexibility.  Improvements were noticeable after the first ride; I could bike for longer and feel less tired since the bicycle felt much more comfortable.  Even more important I have been injury free ever since.  Jan is a world class athlete and she is always willing to help with her knowledge, during the fitting session and afterward.  This was an experience that I would recommend to cyclists of any level, even more to people who are just starting, since purchasing a bicycle that is already fitted might save money and time in the future.

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