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BG F.I.T. – Questions and Answers

What does BG F.I.T. stand for?
BG F.I.T. stands for Body Geometry Fit Integration Technology.

What does that mean in simple terms?
To fit the bicycle to the rider rather than the rider to the bicycle.

What are the benefits/advantages of being fitted?
The advantages of being fitted are that the bike will become personal to you and be adjusted to your flexibility and intended experience.

Is BG F.I.T. available for all types of bikes?
Yes, BG F.I.T. will be suitable to all types of bikes.

Does it have to be a Specialized bike?
No it can be applied to all brands.

Can it be done with my existing bike?
Yes as long as it is the correct size for you.

What happens during the fit?
You will be asked questions about your goals and history of both cycling and injuries. This will be followed by a pre-fit assessment in order to gain a picture of you. Then your bike will be adjusted to the results from the questions and assessment.

How long does it take?
The complete process will take between 1 and 4 hours.

How often do I need to have a Fit done?
The Fit is a dynamic process and as the body adapt to the training that an individual completes their Fit may also change. The human body will change as muscles become stronger, more or less flexible and this change will mean that the bike may need a fine tune. It is really difficult to put an exact date on when these changes occur as everyone is different.

What level of riding do you need to be at to get BG F.I.T.?
The service applies to anyone riding a bike.

Can beginners get BG F.I.T.?
Yes, they maybe require to get re-fitted again sooner than an experienced rider as they will adapt at a greater rate.

I have got a physical disability/injury can I still get BG F.I.T.?
There is no reason why you couldn’t be fitted. I guess the general rule is if you can ride, you can be fitted. There will be certain special considerations that have to be made and you may require more regular checkups if you are coming back from injury.

Will I get a summary document at the end of the BG F.I.T.?
You will receive a document showing your measurement and the shop will retain your details from the pre-fit assessment.

Do I get a discount on a Specialized bike?
BG F.I.T. is a service and not related to the price of a bicycle or equipment.

How does this compare to other fitting systems?
The Specialized BG F.I.T. system is the only one on the market that is dynamic and takes into account all three dimensions of a rider on their bike in order to create the perfect partnership between the two.

What qualification do BG F.I.T.ters have?
All BG F.I.T.ters have completed a BG F.I.T. course at Specialized and then had to complete 10 case studies before being approved. They will have all spent time on the shop floor selling bikes to customer and sizing them up for the bikes they are interested in.

Is the BG Shoe Fit part of the Fit?
Yes your feet will be assessed, in order for us to make the correct adjustments.

How soon will I start feeling the benefits of the BG F.I.T.?
You should start to feel more comfortable right away. If a great deal of adjustments are made then it may take a little while as your body becomes accustomed to the changes.

How do I know that I need to be fitted?
Most people could do with having their bike settings checked. The reason for this is because cycling is a sport of repetition and therefore any misalignment overtime will cause problems and will mean that you aren’t as efficient on the bike. As a result, having a bike fit right from the start will greatly reduce your chance of injury.

Do I need to come earlier?
It would be advisable to arrive 10 mins before your appointment this will ensure you start on time.

What do I need to wear?
You will be required to wear a cycling kit, preferable shorts and we need to be able to see your knee structure.

Do I need to bring my bike?
Yes as we need to have a starting point to work from in order to evaluate your position.

Do I need to bring pedals?
If you are getting fitted to a new bike and aren’t purchasing pedals then yes please bring them.

Where will I be able to get changed?
We have a changing room which you can use.

Can I eat before?
Yes it is advisable to eat a light meal before as you will be required to ride (on a turbo trainer). It would also be a good idea to bring some water.

Can I buy this as a present for a friend or relative?
Yes it would be a great present for someone.

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