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Proper fit on the bike is critical for every type of rider. If you are an entry level rider, the proper fit ensures maximum comfort and cycling ease. If you are a more experienced rider, proper fit increases your efficiency, power and comfort. Proper fit takes into account the rider’s individual goals, physical assessment including flexibility issues, and addresses any previous injuries and rider history. Regardless of the level of the cyclist, proper fit also reduces the chance of cycling induced injuries and can help with older injuries.

Our fitting staff has a strong foundation of Bike Fit knowledge. Their knowledge has been enhanced through participation in the Specialized Body Geometry Fit Certification program and the Serotta International Cycling Institute Fit Technician Certification program. Combined, the fit technicians have over 35 years of competitive cycling experience and have personally experienced the benefits of proper fit. Come see Jan’s World Champion jersey to see for yourself.

Bike Fittings

Bike fittings happen in one of two ways; static or dynamic.

  • Static Fitting is performed in a non-motion position.
  • Dynamic Fitting is performed by considering initial static position, followed up with an in-motion riding position. Dynamic Fitting is more representative of your riding style out of doors. To simulate the outdoor riding position, dynamic fitting is achieved by using an indoor trainer and varied efforts.

We offer four types of Bike Fit Services.

  • Basic Bike Sizing
  • Cleat Installation / Mounting of Cleats on Shoes
    • STATIC (non riding) Installed in a relatively neutral position when new shoes and pedal/cleats purchased
    • DYNAMIC (on the bike) Includes fore/aft, rotation, and stance adjustments. Does not include shimming or foot bed recommendations. With shimming and foot beds, additional
  • Comprehensive 2D Fit. The goal is to fit the bike so the rider can comfortably cruise with their hands on the hoods, climb and relax using the tops, and descend and sprint from the drops.
  • Advanced 3D Fit. The goal is to have a successful 2D fit and ensure ideal alignment of the hip/knee/foot throughout the pedal stroke while minimizing stress on any of these joints.

Pre Fit Interview and Assessments

This is performed for the 2D and 3D Bike Fittings. The pre fit interview will consider the rider’s history, previous injuries, and goals. The 2D and 3D Bike Fittings will have a range of exercises to cover for the flexibility and structural assessments. The 3D assessment includes consideration of the biomechanics of the pedal stroke, while addressing the specific needs of the individual’s feet, squareness of the rider on the saddle and any leg length discrepancies.

Flexibility Assessment

This is used to help determine a rider’s flexibility limits. Flexibility affects how comfortable a rider can be on the bike. This evaluation will help us determine possible positions for the rider in order to maximize their potential. The fit technician will guide the customer through a range of exercises to evaluate their flexibility.

Structural Assessment

This addresses the rider’s rear foot and forefoot angulations. This evaluation helps to determine the customer’s need for shims, wedges and/or foot beds. A supported foot offers stability and power which ultimately affects the alignment of the hip/knee/foot.  Since cycling is a sport of repetition, the rider benefits directly from the proper fit. There isn’t any reason to ride inefficiently, with discomfort, or pain any longer.

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