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BG FIT Defined

Specialized is the only brand that provides the training, bikes and equipment that can improve every rider’s comfort and efficiency – in short, enjoyment.
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Performance Pioneer

Dr. Andy Pruitt. ED.D., PA
With 30 years and thousands of fits under his belt, there was no one more qualified than Dr. Andy Pruitt ED.D., PA to lead the development of our body geometry fit integration technology (BG FIT) system.

Over the course of three decades, Dr. Andy Pruitt helped countless world champions (on both the road and mountain), Olympic champions, American Tour de France and Giro d’Italia winners and Ironman victors. Both in private practice and through his program at the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine, he’s also helped thousands of less well-known riders go faster, longer and in greater comfort.

Found only at your local Specialized dealer, BG FIT is a proprietary bicycle fit system consisting of trained fit technicians, cutting edge fit tools, a unique fit assessment process and ergonomically enhanced bikes and equipment. The BG FIT technicians at your local specialized dealer have been trained to analyze your body’s unique attributes, pedal stroke and body position. Using the information gained during the assessment, they optimize your bicycle and equipment to match your biomechanical profile. Thanks to a full selection of ergonomically enhanced equipment and apparel, Specialized has the only fit system that can truly match bike to body.

Make the bike fit your body

To make the BG FIT bicycle fit system appropriate for all types of riders, BG FIT technicians are trained to adjust the bike to fit the body, allowing anyone to maximize their efficiency and comfort on the bike.

BG FIT process

The complete 3D BG FIT takes from 1 to 3 hours and results in maximized power efficiency, endurance and comfort.

  • rider assessment interview
  • flexibility assessment
  • structural assessment
  • dynamic* saddle height adjustment
  • dynamic* fore-aft saddle adjustment
  • dynamic* handlebar height adjustment
  • cleat adjustment
  • footbed fitting
  • hip, knee and foot alignment
  • other adjustments as needed

* “Dynamic” means while pedalling on a stationary trainer.

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